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Live art performance consisting of sound, Installation, dance, film, lighting.
9th September, 19:00 at MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum

Malangpu Group is a group that explores the mix between Love + Help + Share + Music + Art. Now has 12 members from different nationalities Thai (Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Isan), American, British, Singaporean, Japanese. 

9th September at 19:00,
MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum

Ticket price 200 THB
Free for children under 15 years of age

All proceeds from the performance will be given to Sri Sangwan School in Chiang Mai


That is what has been decided so far.
From here it is on the way to look for what . We do not know yet how to express of shape.

What is it between common us?
What are the individuals interested in?
What sort of problem consciousness is there in society?
How did you live?
From where we try to understand , we are starting.
Learning for example, for me it is very serious thing but for other person that they can not mind
By doing so a very serious thing for other person, but for me a trivial matter.

Among them, each one can resonate, and there are things that you can understand sensually.

We think that it is not  necessary to put it in one thing, and it is not a dictatorship or a rule,
but as a performance (a work), as a group goes as a form to be seen by people, a map? recipe?
How to display it on the live.

It is not just a gathering of ideas.
But how can individuals share,various ideas, languages, occupations, preferences,
communities, across the framework of expression that they are well .
How can we multiply, resonate, and reflect a lot of ideas which come up with rehearsals?
How do you live in the group?
As a live art performance, how can we present it in a space that has a meaning, that is the modern art museum in Chiang Mai.

The theme we are dealing with is very huge, not reachable easy way,
and in the process of trying to figure it out, we have to touch the very delicate parts of the individual.
The process of creation, the relationship of the group, limited time and was, limited money,
limited rehearsal environment itself, overlap each our society.
We will continue to explore by various way , to add, to hang or to break. and learning.

Malangphu Group คณะแมลงภู่

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